Thursday, March 15, 2007

Goals for the MBA

I understand this is quite redundant but there always need to be purpose and goals behind anything important you do. So here are the skills that I plan to pick up through my MBA.

1. Tracing the Butterfly effect
To understand how teams, companies, industries and therefore the global economy work...right from micro to mega scale. Quite like understanding the butterfly effect, but believe me it is quite worth it.
If you listen to economists, they always have a theory about how some big events happened due to small things...maybe factually untrue...but most explanations are logical. However, the most important part is how such knowledge can be used to make money. Well, most Street Analysts do the same that hectic lifestyle of trying to interpret every small information and apply it to future profits, you must hand it to them for being so insightful and intelligent. So, that's my first goal. This I should gain from courses in economics, finance, strategy and extensive reading on successful people.

2. Building the Brand
To learn how to market tangible/intangible products to customers and how to maintain an excellent relationship with them. This also extends to strong relations with all stakeholders. Well I don't need to explain that, but you love Starbucks coffee and you will continue to pay for it irrespective of a minimum $3 expense....and that's called marketing!

3. Perfecting strategy
This is my MOST important goal. I would like to gain such in-depth knowledge as to apply it to valuating projects and choosing strategy most optimal to circumstances and goals. OK, put simply, the point here is to know so much as to choose the most delicious recipe from the menu.

So, three big goals for the one big degree. I see it getting modified (and I would like it more specific as I find those niche areas to do well in) but it would be really nice to look back at these in future and see if I got what I expected...and if I went beyond that!

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